People life quality increases as restraints found around them, physical or chemical, are reduced. To achieve this reduction, it’s necessary to organize the care, train professionals, adapt the environment and apply a correct scale regarding the risk of falls and problems.

Since this topic is so relevant for the welfare of any patient, the restraint-free patient care National Platform has been created. This platform fights against the excessive use of restraint patient care for elderly people, disabilities, mental illness and, in general, any patient.

Ibernex, company belonging to Pikolin Group and manufacturer with its own engineering, is specialized in technological solutions and services destined for the health and building equipment, mainly focused in socio-health areas. Ibernex has developed some solutions that facilitate to be a restraint-free patient care center. Some of them are:

1.      Nurse Call System

Helpnex is the most complete healthcare communication solution (hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, rehabilitation centers…) that covers the needs related to healthcare management, alarm management and wander control among other functions. It also integrates all the hospital’s telecommunications services to optimize its usage and facilitates operation and maintenance. Everything from a perfectly integrated software solution.

Residents generate an alarm in case of needing help and health care staff receive the alarms in their wireless devices whatever their location is. Once they are alerted, the staff come without delay to assist the residents.

2.      Bed occupancy sensor

This mechanism uses very sensitive piezoelectric sensors that detect light body movements, such as breathing or heart rate. The presence sensor of Ibernex is activated when it is considered that the person is in danger or has suffered a fall.

This way, it allows to control the hours that the patient is occupying the bed besides it is perfect to manage the attention for patients or residents during the night shifts.

 3.      Wander control

It’s a solution that by radio frequency offers the control over the main exits of the center and over certain users. They are controlled by a small and compact tag and a bracelet carried on their wrists and ankles.

It is ideal for the control of people with disorientation problems, Alzheimer or some type of dementia improving the people life quality.

4.      Indoor location

Using radio frequency technology, the system offers monitoring, visualization and control in real time of users, staff and assets in the center. It allows to define prohibited and permitted areas, and obligated presence according to the profiles defined previously.

In the monitors that the nurses have, the building map of each center is personalized showing real time the position, name and if there was an alarm. The system alerts to the health care staff, about potentially dangerous situations, while the staff perform its usual tasks in the center.


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